JAMIE EASON - Cover Model 3

JAMIE EASON - Cover Model 3

Jamie Eason is quite obviously one of the hardest working and most beautiful fitness models on the scene today.  Her persistence and dedication have made her an idol to many young women, and the object of affection of young men everywhere.


In the past few years, Jamie has been on the fast track to success.  She has gained industry-wide recognition for her perfectly sculpted body, angelic beauty and sultry sex appeal – a combination that sizzles in front of the cameras that are lucky enough to capture her.


For this issue’s cover of STATUS Fitness Magazine, we had to find the perfect fitness model to team up with superstar Vernon Davis, NFL Tight End for the San Francisco 49ers.   The decision was unanimous:  Jamie Eason's strength and beauty are the perfect complements to the bold athleticism of Vernon Davis.


AB: Jamie, I'd like to first of all congratulate you on your success at the 2006 Hardbody Entertainment World's Fittest Model Search.  What did the win mean to you? 

JE:  That was such a surreal experience.  I’ve never won such an awesome prize and I never anticipated doing so well.  I was actually considering not entering because my travel getting to the Olympia that year was so hectic.  I barely made the mandatory meeting the morning after I got into town at 7 AM.  I’m sure glad that I shook off the jetlag and tired eyes and did it anyway.  I am so very proud to hold that title and super grateful to have been chosen!


AB: Have you had a chance to ride your new ($70,000) custom Chopper yet?  (The bike was presented to Jamie by Flex Wheeler of Hardbody Entertainment, as part of her prize package).

JE:  Actually, no.  Unfortunately, the bike is just too big for me to ride.  It is balanced very nicely, so I can sit on it and hold it up, but just barely.  My brother tries to sweet talk me into letting him ride it sometimes.  For now, I am just content knowing that I own that beautiful machine and I crank it up every now and then, just to hear it run.


AB: This particular show had both men and women competing for the title of 'World's Fittest Model.’  What was it like to compete against members of the opposite sex?

JE:  Being that is was Hardbody Entertainment’s first World’s Fittest Model competition, I really was not sure what exactly they were looking for.  I was worried that I might have too much muscle, about what clothes to wear and what questions they might ask, but I never really worried about the fact that I would be up against men.  I’ve learned that in competition, if you worry about who you are up against or who shows up to compete, it can throw you off your game a bit.  With competition I feel like the challenge begins as soon as you commit to enter.  Just maintaining the rigorous diet and workout schedule is a personal struggle up to competition day that should make you feel proud to have overcome.  The point you step on stage is your time to shine and feel a true sense of accomplishment.   Judging can often be subjective, but judges feed off of confidence and are drawn to the contestants having a good time.  I was just thrilled to have made it to the stage that afternoon and happy to be out there among my friends.  As they say in Vegas, Lady Luck was on my side that day, and I feel very fortunate!


AB: Your career has really taken off in the past few years.  Not only have your photos been widely published, but you've also graced more than a few big magazine covers. Have you accomplished everything you set out to do?

JE:  I honestly still can’t believe how well I have been received in the fitness world.  It is so rewarding to be recognized by my peers and to be featured in and on the cover of many of the industry magazines.  I still feel some great momentum and hope that doors will continue to open for me, just as they have in these past few years.  I continue to dream up new goals and things I want to accomplish day to day.  This fit lifestyle has given me a zest for life that I really didn’t have before.  I sincerely hope that there is no end in site!


AB:  You have a new monthly column on Bodybuilding.com where you give advice on training and nutrition as well as answering questions from people in a Q/A segment.  How do you like this?  Why is it important to you to be involved this way?

JE:  I love having a way to reach a wider audience than I have been able to in the past when answering just individual emails.  I have met so many wonderful people eager to make changes in their lives, or that simply want a hobby that they can enjoy that is actually good for them.  I sometimes get overwhelmed with the number of emails I receive, because I sincerely wish that I could answer everyone.  Bodybuilding.com has given me a format where I can answer the questions that matter to people and that potentially have the same concerns.  I know that when I was first starting out, I welcomed any advice or information anyone could give me and I absorbed it like a sponge.  The guidance I found, coupled with the desire to change, made all the difference to my life.


AB: Who are some of the well-known bodybuilders and industry figures that you have met or interviewed while working for Bodybuilding.com? Can you share any interesting stories?

JE:  I have been extremely lucky to have met most of the top athletes in the business.  Interviewing is still fairly new to me, so the male bodybuilders, who I typically get to interview, usually go easy on me.  I’ve been fortunate enough not to have any serious mishaps.  Hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself!  But I can say, the response on forums after an interview can be brutal. Apparently, after my first attempt at interviewing for bodybuilding.com at the 2007 Arnold Classic, I was dating half of the male bodybuilders.  When I commented that Eddie Abew, a pro-bodybuilder and nurse from the UK, could tend to me in the hospital any time, it came off a bit flirty.  Oh well, you live and learn. I thought it was rather funny and I’ve heard that Eddie thought the same.


AB: Who inspires and motivates you? Do you have any role models in the industry?

JE:  Monica Brant has always been my favorite and still continues to be.  She is a genuine person who is smart, talented and appreciative of all the success that has come her way.  She has been an excellent role model for me.  As far as motivation, I find that in random people that I meet all the time.  I am still amazed at the level of fitness some are able to achieve and if you really get out there and talk to people, some of them have amazing stories. 


AB: Now, let's get down to the basics.  Our readers want to know what it takes to get a body like yours. How many days per week do you hit the gym to stay in such great shape?

JE:  I do minimal cardio in the off-season.  I either warm up with 10 minutes on the elliptical (leg days) or I do 20 - 30 minutes twice a week.

On-season or for a photo shoot requiring a leaner look, I increase the repetitions and decrease my resting time when weight training.  I might also include plyometrics a few weeks before. 


AB: Can you walk us through what a week of training for Jamie Eason is like?

JE:  A brief example might be:
Monday:  LEGS & PLYOS (No cardio)
Tuesday: BACK, ARMS & CALVES (40 minutes of cardio)
Wednesday: CHEST, SHOULDERS & ABS (40 minutes of cardio)
Thursday: HAMSTRINGS, PLYOS & CALVES (No cardio)
Friday: BACK, BICPES & ABS (40 minutes of cardio)
Sunday: Rest


AB: What's your favorite body part to train? Least favorite?

JE: My favorite body part to train would have to be shoulders because I am fairly strong in that area and I can see the muscles really working.  Also, when I’ve completed a heavy set, I can actually see and feel the pump.  My least favorite body part to train would have to be my quads.  I hate leg extensions with a passion.  They burn like crazy!  However, it’s no coincidence that my quads are often lacking in size and definition.  I really have to suck it up come contest time.


AB: And in conjunction with your training schedule, you must be really strict with your nutrition. Can you tell us about your eating habits and how you balance your food intake?

JE:  I definitely try and maintain a clean diet as often as possible.  It can be tough with all of the traveling, but where there’s a will, there’s a way! 


My typical diet is:
6:00 AM - 5 egg whites, 1/2 C. oatmeal, chopped bell peppers in my egg whites
9:00 AM – 5 oz. turkey meatloaf (great for traveling) & 2 lightly salted rice cakes with 1 tbsp. all natural peanut butter
12:00 PM - 5 oz. chicken & 1/2 C. brown rice with green beans or other green veggie
3:00 PM – 5 oz. turkey meatloaf & 2 lightly salted rice cakes, with 1 - 2 cups steamed veggies
6:00 PM - 5 oz. chicken or fish & 4 oz. sweet potato, plus a steamed vegetable
9:00 PM - 5 egg whites with onions and bell peppers


AB:  Did you make drastic changes to your diet after your cancer diagnosis?

JE:  Most definitely!  I used to live on Goldfish crackers, lean pockets and diet Dr. Pepper.  Although those things are healthier than donuts and pizza, I got a quick education about chemicals in convenience foods.

AB: Do you believe in using nutritional supplements?  If so, what do you use personally, and which ones do you think are vital to health and well-being?

JE:  Yes, I definitely believe in the use of supplementation.  Exercise, though good for you, does create stress on the body.  Compound physical stress (exercise) with the every day stressors of life and supplements can become essential to good health.  I believe that there are 5 basic supplements that every individual who works out should incorporate into their daily routine. 

1.  Protein powder - which is both convenient and affordable.  I don’t travel without it!
2.  Multi-vitamin - to promote overall good health and nutrition
3.  Energy supplement - because we all have those days when we need some help
4.  BCAA’s (branch chain amino acids) – the building blocks of muscle
5.  Glutamine – faster recovery

However, always remember that supplements are called supplements for a reason.  They are simply an addition to a sound nutrition plan.  People need to get their diet right first.  They should think food first, fortified foods next and then supplements.  You can’t determine what product is right for you without first knowing what you’re lacking.


AB: Do you have off days or cheat days where it’s anything goes? And what delectable treats do you reach for first?

JE:  I don’t typically have cheat days, just an occasional cheat meal.  I try not to plan a cheat meal to look forward to, but rather just let it happen on the odd occasion.  I like to maintain a physique not far from photo shoot shape year round, and a once a week cheat meal or even once every two weeks, is not conducive to that for me.  However, when I do cheat, the first thing I reach for is pizza, beef fajitas or carrot cake!



AB: Men around the world are dying to hear your answer to this question:  Are you single?  What is your 'type'?  What does it take to turn your head and warm your heart?

JE:  I have no children and I have never been married, but I currently have a wonderful boyfriend who suits me in every way.  He is kind, funny, ambitious, smart and very genuine.  I can’t really say what it would take to turn my head because, at the moment, I am very content where it is focused.



AB: What’s next for this “Super Fitness Model?” Where do you want your flourishing career to take you from here?

JE:  I hope to use my nominal status as a catalyst for some business ventures.  I sincerely enjoy the modeling and sharing my stories and knowledge with the public and will continue to do so until the winds change and take me in a new direction!

Jamie, thank you for taking the time to connect with STATUS Fitness Magazine! We are proud to have you on our cover.  Good luck and best wishes for all your future endeavors!!





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